An Eclectic Blend of Unique & Artistically Designed Plant-Based Soaps, Inspired by Nature.

K's Spa Soap only uses Plant-Based Ingredients and Phthalate Free Fragrances.

Each batch is hand-poured & individually swirled into bars & specialty molds. They are made with great love and care using quality ingredients.

K's Spa Soap wants your skin to feel as if you just stepped out of a Spa, but from your own home. Indulge.

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  • Ocean Lily

  • Men's 'Clean Shaven'

  • Himalayan Salt Bar

  • Favors

  • Favors

  • Buddha

Ocean Lily

Men's 'Clean Shaven'

Himalayan Salt Bar




This soap smells wonderful, my husband loved it too! This soap left my skin feeling great. Highly recommend!


K’s soap is fantastic! It feels so natural to the skin & lathers up really well. My personal favorite is the Cedarwood Forest. 5 stars!!


The unscented soaps you can buy at the store feel very sterile. It was so nice to find an unscented soap that feels luxurious & spa like! Packaging was beautiful, and the soap design itself is adorable! Came with a handwritten thank you & sample! Communication & customer service was amazing and shipped very fast. Thank you again K, I will definitely be purchasing again!


Essential Oil Hot Process -Patchouli

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