Hi, I’m Karen, owner of K’s Spa Soap!

A little about me. I enjoy nature, trees, flowers, yoga as well as DIY projects & other Hobbies. Through classes & months of testing & research, K's Spa Soap was born.

I did the work for you & produce bars that have gotten rave reviews that you can feel good about using!

All Bars are Plant Based. This means I will Never use any animal fats or tallow.  They are also largely inspired by nature as you'll see in my designs.

What I’m known for:
• My bestselling Spa Soap. 
• I also make Original Spa with Shea Butter, Sea Salt Spa Bar, Castile, Bastille & Glycerin Soaps/Novelty.

Here’s what you get with my little soap obsession:
• Always Plant Based 
• Unique, Artistic & Eclectic Designs inspired by Nature
• Options for fully naked soaps that have natural color & Zero fragrance
• Options colors. I only use Cosmetic Grade Mica Brands that are Ethically Sourced, in my Spa Soaps. Also, Natural Clays in different shades as well as other natural colorants like Cocoa, Paprika & Turmeric.
• Choice of Fragrances & Essential Oils, or Unscented
• Excellent Customer Service

In closing, you can expect a regular line of my Spa Soaps & options for ‘naked’ soaps (no colorants or scents added). To keep things fun & interesting I’ll add in a new type of bar periodically. 

Feel free to contact me with questions or help choosing a bar. I look forward to hearing from you!