Wholesale & Consignment

Wholesale & Consignment Accounts

Interested in adding soaps to your retail boutique/shop? Currently offering for Consignment or Wholesale:

Kitchen Soaps - Kitchen Soap – K's Spa Soap (ksspasoap.com). *These are now on Tundra.com - Tundra | Wholesale Marketplace, Products & Brands  or contact me directly!       

Himalayan Sea Salt Bars - Himalayan Salt Spa Bar – K's Spa Soap (ksspasoap.com)

Footsie - Footsie with Natural Pumice – K's Spa Soap (ksspasoap.com)

Sun/Moons - Celestial Spa Soaps – K's Spa Soap (ksspasoap.com)

Serious inquiries & questions may be emailed to: KsSpaSoap@gmail.com. Please include a link to your website or some information about your shop. 

Looking forward to working with you!